Emerald Bay Subdivision Reviews:

“I have truly enjoyed living in Emerald Bay over the past five years. It is like vacationing or living in a resort all the time. The golfing is wonderful, the lake is beautiful, and the swimming pool and tennis court is always a big hit with the kids. However, what I appreciate most about Emerald Bay is its people, for I have never lived in a neighborhood where more warmth, friendship and love is shown for each other.”

–Ginger worsham-voorheese

“We can’t even find time to go on vacation because Emerald Bay is so full of activities we are afraid
we will miss something.”

–Bob and Jane Youngblood

“Emerald Bay is a very special place Filled with people who care, Weaving an environment of friendships So very special and rare, With our gated community, 24/7 safety Of home and family are paired. Eleven years have passed to quickly, And this we want to share… There is no other “paradise” like Emerald Bay ANYWHERE!”

–Jeanie and Jim Barkley ‘09

“On July 4, 2005 we moved to Emerald Bay. We have never looked back!! We both love the retirement and Emerald Bay. Many say this is paradise on earth; I can attest to that! Emerald Bay provides more than just an active lifestyle. Emerald Bay is a family, comprised of friends and neighbors, who care for each other, socialize with each other, pray for each other, and just have fun playing together There is something here for everyone!”

–Louise Williamson

“We were looking for a golfing community when we ventured into a place that offered so much more. We found a whole new way of life. No longer do we make the drive into Tyler to find a great restaurant. We have one here. From the time we enter the gate, we are welcomed with smiles and waves as we pass by our new friends. A retirement community?….No….Emerald Bay is where people come to live!”

–Mark and Dawn Logan

“Emerald Bay is the best kept secret in Texas!! I moved here 21 years ago. Then my parents moved here. Then my brother and his wife moved here. If you visit and meet the people, you will want to live here too!!”

–Karen Kreiter

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